Flooded with information and ever-changing diet loss concepts, it’s no wonder we get confused about the right way of eating. 

Found below are many myths consolidated into four myths of weight loss and the wellness factor. 

Myth 1: Green Tea helps lose weight

Myth explained: If you have kept up with the weight loss trends, you know for a fact that the green tea is often painted to be hugely beneficial for shedding those extra kilos. However, the truth remains far from it. Of course, there are many antioxidants in it which are very beneficial, but there’s a downside to it.

Myth Busted: To see visible differences, you need to consume a lot of antioxidants, and too much of anything is not good. Drinking more than 2-3 cups of caffeinated drink can lead to insomnia.

A solution to Wellness: Choose to drink green tea for its antioxidant benefits and not just weight loss.

Myth 2: Products with ‘Sugar and fat-free’ labels fat-free weight loss

Myth Explained: The whole idea is to make you get rid of your guiltiness even when a box of chocolate candy bears it. This leads to consuming the entire box and feeling that your weight would not register an increase. 

Myth Busted: Have they mentioned it is calorie-free? Such products have artificial sweeteners and sugars in them, which lead to calories per serving. In case nothing is added back, there would be no taste to it, and none would buy it.  

A solution to Wellness: Check the calories on the box, which mentions it’s free of all those ingredients. 

Myth 3: Carbs can only lead to fatness

Myth explained: Carbs are the main villains that contribute to weight gain, which is a widely appreciated thought. Carbs are impossible to stay away from, as they are the fuel to the system. Thus Carbs inevitably contribute to weight gain.

Myth Busted: There is an element of truth in the above myth if you confine carbs to their refined and processed ones. These are the carbs that contribute to the weight gain, and not every form of carb is guilty.

A solution to Wellness: If one starts consuming whole grains, vegetables and fruits, and lesser processed foods, weight gain will come to a standstill.

Myth 4: Consume Energy bars and lose weight!

Myth explained: It is more of ‘Horses for causes’, at work here. Many do not have time to prepare a healthy diet meal and turn to energy bars, which turn out to be excellent meal replacements.

Myth Busted: One does agree on the meal replacement plan, but these bars are filled with a high content of sugar and fat, thus leading to calories. This negativities the ‘fat loss’ plan as it tends to add on only.

A solution to Wellness: Despite the convenience factor, energy bars have to be consumed as a part of the balanced diet only after noting down the ingredients.


There is no doubt all of us want to stay fit and at the ideal weight. This has to be done by keeping overall health and wellness in mind and not let weight loss dominate the health factor.

Tanny Bhattacharjee

Yoga Coach and Fitness Blogger:

Website- https://www.fitandfabb.com/ 

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