Interview With Pradeep Kumar, CEO, Neil Patel Digital India

What are your goals to achieve in 2020?

My goal is to serve 100+ Premium Brands across India and to transform Neil Patel Digital into a 5 M$ Digital Marketing company this year. 

Do you think digital advancements would harm people’s engagement or relationship building in the industry?

I think not, digital advancements have always proven to be useful. I’ve always welcomed advancements and reckon it will make relationship-building easier.

Would robotics replace humans in the future?

While technology has been evolving around Robotics, I still feel robotics wouldn’t replace humans completely. Like Humans, robots have their limitations.

How has been your experience being in this industry?

Happy with the journey so far, a decade of experience in the industry. I’ve worked with a lot of premium clients and the hunger for success never diminished. I still have a lot to achieve and push my boundaries constantly, every day is a fresh start.

Do you think that is AI is paving an easy for advertisement?

Yes, AI helps advertising companies analyze and monitor online behavior, they can target their ad campaigns to the most receptive audience.

Source: BW

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