’’A fit, healthy body — is the best fashion’’ Tanny Bhatt

Full name Tanny Bhattacharjee also known as Tanny Bhattacharya
She says -It would be difficult to put down the countless benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle in a few words.

Do follow her to know the secrets of staying fit_and_fabb.

She started her modeling career in the year 2011 after her college in Bangalore, a graduate in Business Management.
She believed that To be irreplaceable one must always be different and that is why she followed her passion and worked with several National and International Brands as a Fashion Model. She worked for brands like FEMINA, FLIPKART, DEEPAM SAREES, etc as a model and she was part of different brand campaigns. She was seen in different Editorial media and Banners as a Model. Judged various Fashion shows and she was Show stopper for different fashion events. Calendar Model for Snap Fitness Studio 2013.

From a very young age of 19, she was very fond of going to the gym and she thoroughly enjoyed working out, at the age of 22 she started loving yoga like never before and then she finished her Yoga Teachers Training. She also completed her specialization in prenatal yoga and she is an Internationally Certified Yoga Instructor.

Apart from Modelling and being a fitness model, a yoga coach, a fitness influencer, she is also a working professional in management.
So she thinks even a super busy person in this world should have 20 Minutes a day to work out.

She is a Sports ambassador for Decathlon and her yoga journey is covered in Cloth Look Fashion Magazine and Decathlon Official Blog.
She is also a verified Amazon Influencer.

While Fashion is everything to her and Fitness the greatest passion, she emerged as an Influencer for both Fashion and Fitness inspiring others to Stay Fit and Look Fabb.

Her motto is to be able to create awareness about Yoga, health and fitness to people who don’t get enough time to Take care of their health and to encourage them to make fitness their priority.

She strongly believes that Due to lack of time and our ever-changing priorities, one important thing that takes the biggest hit is our health.

Fit is the new sexy but achieving and maintaining fitness is a common problem these days as we all are busy with office or other household activities, so as an Influencer her motive is to help people to stay focused and motivated each day and her page is a one-stop motivational point with various health tips, fitness and workout videos, Yoga flows, etc to help people reach their fitness goals.

As an Influencer, she worked with brands like FITBIT, GOLDS GYM, RAW PRESSERY , XTEP, DECATHLON, CULTFIT, BLOWN, YLG, etc

Tanny Bhatt says “ You can call me a fitness freak to the core, one who doesn’t let a day go by without a workout or a healthy balanced diet.

You want to start your fitness journey, you want to work out but you don’t know how you don’t know where to start. There are too many things that come to mind.
We don’t blame you for feeling a little uncertain or intimidated. But that’s why we are sharing her journey for you to be motivated and start your fitness journey now.
Follow her Instagram page where she shares daily fitness & diet tips and releases workout videos weekly basis which can be done at home without having gone out.

So it’s now or never because Action is the foundational key to all success.

Source: The Intellectual Indian

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